Moogle oiled, Boomer swollen ...inserting into arena

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We’re a clan that’s just about getting in a lot of clan matches – win or lose, don’t care, as long as they’re fair and fun then all good – and enjoying ourselves.

Don’t get us wrong, match us and we’re gonna try and ram that moogle as far up your clans tradesmans entrance as possible, and if we don’t oil him up first then all the better – but more important than all that, we’re going to be the clan that makes sure it’s all fun, and will win or lose with a smile if you do the same.

Losing or winning, leave with a smile and a laugh, and make sure the opponents do the same.



The Clan {CBMP} was founded 2011 by {CBMP}Sinn.

He left his old Clan t3 together with his wife {CBMP}MrsSinn for it. A bit later they recruited their first member from .ac.: {CBMP}Booom!. The other .ac. recruits {CBMP}BeryCZ, {CBMP}Freaky, {CBMP}Gamaoua (Animals old Nick) and {CBMP}Guz followed.

In summer of 2011 {CBMP}Honorous joined us. We became the largest and most active clan of Alien Arena. We stopped our recruitment to give other Clans the chance to get new Members. In the end of summer {CBMP}Honorous became inactive. A couple of months later {CBMP}Sinn left Alien Arena, together with {CBMP}MrsSinn.

A few days before he made {CBMP}Freaky  the co-leader of the clan and {CBMP}Booom! and {CBMP}BeryCZ to their deputies. A hard time for CBMP began because {CBMP}BeryCZ decided to have a break from Alien Arena to focus more on his real life career.

A bit later {CBMP}Booom! left the clan, changed his nick to Vaan and founded his own Clan Sharp Eye [SE]. It became even worse as {CBMP}Guz left us and {CBMP}Animal wasn’t able to play anymore because he had a motorcycle accident which had a bad impact on his wrists.

It ended up that {CBMP}Freaky was mostly alone. A few months later CBMP began to raise because we had a new member: {CBMP}Jadedoku. After few more months they recruited {CBMP}Svejk and {CBMP}Manchev.

{CBMP}Animal came back because his injury healed and {CBMP}BeryCZ visited us from time to time.

In spring of 2013 {CBMP}Jadedoku left our Clan and joined our brotherclan SiNister [SiN].

During the summer of 2013, the alien cadets have been put in cryo and all clans became allowed to recruit directly new members. {CBMP} made an offer to Alman Osman who have been playing from long time without being part of a clan. He is now the last recruit of {CBMP} and change his name to {CBMP}Alman.

We mastered bad times, became a mature Clan of Alien Arena and want to continue our success.

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