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  • Happy New Year

    WOW, how fast the time runs. 2013 ends in few hours or already ended, depending on your timezone of course.

    I hope everyone of you had a nice 2013 with a lot of good memories to take in 2014. Do the same with bad experiences because you grow through them.

    Just close your eyes and think what you have experienced in the last 12 months. I’ve also a lot of memories of AlienArena and Clan CBMP, even that much that I can’t write all of them down. I generally wasn’t that active as i used to be the year before, but it had its good reasons and I probably won’t become alot more active in the next year :/

    I personally have a lot of resolutions for 2014 and guess everyone of you also them too, so let us realize them ;)
    I wish everyone of you a great 2014, give it a chance to become the best year in your life! Realize as much resolutions as possible and frag alot in the following 12 months :)

    oh and i wish you a belated merry X-mas ;)

    - see you in 2014 (=

  • Difficulties

    Hi clanmates,

    my old notebook crashed (windows doesn´t work properly), so i have to install all things again on a new system. Now on windows 8.1.:  AA is working, ICECHAT and MUMBLE not yet.

    Don´t worry with me. Because of work (christmastime is a hard time for employees in a departmentstore) I cannot install missing parts (mumble…) just now. So be patient…

    You may contact me via email every time!!!

    Cya all in the arena, Freaky, Bery, Animal, Manchev!!! (even without mumbling…)

    GL & HF