Moogle oiled, Boomer swollen ...inserting into arena

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Welcome to ChocoBoomers Moogle Paradise!

cbmpimg1Aye, it’s a stupid name, and it’s meant to be. With a name like that then there really isn’t any way people can think we take ourselves seriously, or are planning on being some l33t boomers butthole of a clan.

We’re a clan that’s just about getting in a lot of clan matches – win or lose, don’t care, so long as they’re fair and fun then all good – and enjoying ourselves.

Don’t get us wrong, match us and we’re gonna try and ram that moogle as far up your clans tradesmans entrance as possible, and if we don’t oil him up first then all the better – but more important than all that, we’re going to be the clan that makes sure it’s all fun, and will win or lose with a smile if you do the same.

Fun, smiles, and matching a lot, that’s us.

Nobody needs to be some l33t progamer crap to get into CBMP – in fact that could well be a distinct hurdle. Talent takes a second place to wanting to match a lot, and being sporting about it. And, more important than all, no tossers allowed.

Losing or winning, leave with a smile and a laugh, and make sure the opponents do the same.

So, that’s us. May the boomer be swollen and ready to burst, the moogle oiled for insertion, and the choco deep fried in tasty breadcrumbs. Oh, and pink tricycle at the ready, best belt up, it’s gonna be a fun ride.

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